Our digital signage systems is designed in way that it should be a turnkey use, anyone with little or zero technical knowledge person should be able to use it smoothly.

1. SignIn / SignUp
In order to start with our system, you need to SignIn/SignUp in our cms dashboard( Once you Signup successfully, will be landed to a dashboard with intial 30 days FREE TRAIL periods. Get the player app for screen from Help section. There is a download option, install it to any desired screen like Android media box (e.g. or Tablets/Mobile.
2. Add Screen
We can start/explore in many ways, and one of them is, you click on "Add New Screen". It will promt you with new screen details, fill it and save.
3. Set Content
Once you added successfully your first Screen, It's time to set some content to your screen. Specially which you wish to see on screens. Next popup it shows, with avaialable options for content types e.g. Templates, Playlist, Scheduler, Webpage etc...
4. Publish To Screen
In order to set content from CMS dashboard to Screen, finally we need to publish content to desired screens. Very first time, you can relaunch Player app in your screen to see content. Hurray!! you see now your desired content on screen.
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