• ❖ A digital signage is visually compelling: it engages, entertains and informs.
    • ❖ Videos on a digital screen create an awesome impact.
    • ❖ The most cost -effective media platform for the salon business .
    • ❖ Easy installation & operations.


  • ✦ A beauty simulation platform that allows users to try on makeup and hairstyles using a live camera feed or uploaded photo.
  • ✦ Clients can see exactly what they will look like with a particular hairstyle or makeup look, giving them confidence and reducing the risk of dissatisfaction.


  • ● As each stylist becomes available, the system can notify them of the next customer in the queue.
  • ● Customers can wait in the waiting area until their turn, and the system can display the queue on a screen to show customers their estimated wait time and place in line.


  • ✦ The digital signage rating system provides immediate feedback to the salon, allowing them to make adjustments quickly.
  • ✦ Increased customer loyalty: By providing a great experience and taking feedback seriously, the salon can retain customers and gain positive word-of-mouth referrals. .


  • ❖Using our digital signage platform allows you to display content from multiple social media platforms. Some popular options include instagram , facebook , twitter .
  • ❖The salon can curate these posts and display them on the wall, creating a sense of excitement and urgency around the offer.
  • ❖Overall, a social media wall can be a powerful tool for a salon to engage with customers, promote their services, and build their brand.