What We Offer

Our goal is to work from the ground up with your digital presence & experience. By using Digital signage software, that works over an Internet connection to deliver rich media content on digital TV/LED screens, you can grow your revenue, reduce your cost and reinforce your brand.

Remote Screens Management
Centralized control of display screens. Manage any number screens from anywhere, anytime from laptop/mobile.
Templates & Layouts
You can find multiple templates and multi layout/zones options listed in our dashboard. So you can easily modify those and use for your brands.
Design Anything
Drag & Drop based layout and template design. There are many widget based dragable descriptor/components like.. slides, rss feeds, clock, weather etc... You can easily design any layout based full screen, portait/landscape design and publish. It provides lots of customizations options.
Make a playlist of Templates, Media files, webpage etc. and set a duration for each
Powerful Scheduler
Schedule your media playlists for hourly, daily, weekly & monthly. It'll automatically start playing as per schedule.
Queue,Tokens & Visitors Management
Manage your customer using our smart Queue/Token management on screens
Social Feeds
Display and Use customer appreciation. Integrate live feeds from Zomato, Facebook and Twitter etc.
Reports & Live Snapshot
As a Proof of Play of media, you can retrieve live screen shots along with time from screen on our dashboard. and lots of reports for screens
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